We are a non-profit whose mission is to reduce the homeless pet population in Central Ohio through community outreach, promoting spay & neuter, adoption, volunteering, and education.


PLEASE come and join us for a great day with baked goods, hot apple cider, photos with your animals and meet our very special guest, Dr. Kelli French.



Sponsor a Clinic

Help 50 plus dogs and cats receive on-site spay and neuter surgeries by the Rascal Mobile Unit. 


Walk. Shop. Donate.

Walk your dog; shop Kroger, AmazonSmile, the SOP Shop; or donate food and leashes to help our patients.



NOV 11TH - Wellness Clinic

DEC 9TH - Wellness Clinic


Thank you to everyone for the love, care, and kindness that you showed my family! You don’t know how much it means to me. You are doing a wonderful thing for our community.
— J.D.
Thank you all for the awesome services today! A great team of staff and volunteers made Anibis’ trip very pleasant, which for a nervous dog is not easy. I am forever grateful for SAVE Ohio Pets.
— U.J.